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Vote November 3
Steph For Oakland

An active member of the Oakland community, Stephanie Dominguez Walton is challenging the incumbent for Oakland City Council District 1 because she believes she is the best candidate to address urgent and immediate issues surrounding income inequality, public safety, rising homelessness, and affordable housing. 

Steph is not a career politician. She is a pragmatic progressive with over 25 years of experience negotiating radio, television and digital marketing transactions. She knows how to close a deal.

In the short time since launching her campaign, Steph has already earned endorsements from:

* California Assemblymember Buffy Wicks, AD15
* Northern California Carpenters Regional Council
* Teamsters Local 70
* Latino Task Force
* Former California Superintendent of Public Instruction and 2018 Gubernatorial Candidate Delaine Eastin

"I am very proud to endorse Steph Walton for City Council. Steph listens, collaborates, and builds relationships with diverse stakeholders to solve problems. She is laser-focused on tackling our toughest challenges, and I look forward to partnering with her to help Oakland achieve its full potential."

— CA Assemblymember Buffy Wicks, AD15

Steph's Top Issues & Priorities

Steph is committed to bringing her passion and energy to make Oakland a better home for ALL residents as our town continues to grow, change, and introduce new challenges.

Check out some of Steph's top issues and priorities below:

Fight for More Affordable Housing

Oakland is facing a crisis of affordable housing, with too many members of our diverse community are being forced out by skyrocketing rents and wrongful evictions. As your councilmember Steph will address this issue head-on by:

  1. Streamlining the approval and permitting process to build more housing;

  2. Strengthening and enforcing tenant protects to retain residents; and

  3. Encouraging smart growth by increasing density around transit options like BART. 

Steph believes that thoughtful development that respects the integrity of our beloved neighborhoods in District 1 can lead to real solutions that reduce broader, region-wide issues like homelessness, rising greenhouse gas emissions from long car commutes, and lack of access to quality public education by low-income families.

Champion Quality Public Education

"People who teach our children in Oakland should be able to live in Oakland."

Steph believes that everyone has the right to a quality public education where students feel safe and teachers feel supported. As your councilmember, Steph will:

  1. Be a champion for our district's educators and will put a priority on education when it comes to our city's budget.

  2. Push for a moratorium on all new charter schools until they operate under the same rules as our public schools and we have data on their performance.

  3. Work with our School Board to ensure our school district is working to retain and attract the best teachers for our community.

Protect Our Communities

District 1 has been victim to increased home and vehicle break-ins, a rise in violent crime on BART, and illegal dumping throughout our neighborhoods. Oakland Police Department must take a new approach with respect to restorative justice, including conflict de-escalation training to build trust within our diverse community. I will support the independent, community led Oakland Police Commission and stand up for our community against bad-actors and the militarization of our local police. I will support our immigrant community and stand up for Oakland’s Sanctuary City status. I will fight to make sure that our first responders have an appropriate budget that allows them to reduce response times to better serve our community. As a person of color and mother, I feel strongly that I will be able to implement legislative and budget solutions that will begin to bridge the gap between our police and our community.

"Everyone deserves to live and work in a community where they feel safe."

Solve The Homelessness Crisis

"Addressing homelessness in Oakland is a moral imperative."

Addressing our homeless residents is a moral imperative that requires new thinking on our council. I believe in a housing first model that would transition our homeless population off of our streets and on to city-owned parcels for sanctioned camps until we can place them into more permanent housing. Mayor Libby Schaaf’s Tuff Shed Camp Program is an example of getting our neighbors off the street and into a temporary shelter that I would support as your councilmember. Addressing mental health and addiction problems within our community can help our homeless community members transition off of the street and into a life of dignity. Our city budget should reflect the compassion and values of this community and help our citizens into programs that can reduce homelessness. I will be a champion for mental health services that will make our community safer.

Support Local Businesses

District 1 is home to the amazing Rockridge, Temescal, and Piedmont shopping districts that bring fantastic restaurants, shops, and specialty stores to our community. Our small business owners deserve a champion on our city council that will promote these unique homegrown establishments. I see too many vacant storefronts in our district for our small businesses to face unreasonable rent hikes that threaten to close the doors on some of our favorite restaurants and shops. I will fight for our business owners by creating a commercial vacancy fee that incentivizes keeping long term tenants and attract new businesses to serve our community. Any conversation about of local economy should focus on our workers, and I will fight to enforce our worker protections and make sure that wages start to rise with the increased cost of living in our region. Too many people in our community are working more than one job to remain in Oakland, our council must address the dignity of our workers.


Steph Believes

  • People who teach our children in Oakland should be able to live in Oakland. 

  • People who work in our local shops and restaurants should be able to live near their places of business.

  • Kids in our D1 public schools should not go without dinner.

  • Parents should not have to work two or three jobs to keep a roof over their children’s heads.

  • I believe union labor jobs will help build up our dwindling middle class.

  • I’m in favor a new A’s stadium that keeps them rooted in Oakland, built by local union labor.

  • The city council should not be a training ground for the political elite to make their way to Sacramento. It's time to put the citizen back into citizen-led government.