Buffy Wicks

CA Assemblymember, AD15

"I am very proud to endorse Steph Dominguez Walton for Oakland City Council. Steph listens, collaborates, and builds relationships with diverse stakeholders to solve problems. She is laser-focused on tackling our toughest challenges, and I look forward to partnering with her to help Oakland achieve its full potential."

Julián Castro

Former U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

"More than ever, communities like Oakland need bold, forward-thinking leadership that will match big problems with big solutions. I’m proud to endorse Steph Dominguez Walton because she’s a progressive leader who listens and collaborates, and will work tirelessly to tackle issues such as homelessness, income inequality, and a struggling public education system."

Steph's Endorsements

Steph is proud to have earned the endorsements from many local and state leaders, as well as labor unions and community organizations, with more to come!

East Bay Times

"...Dominguez Walton brings a clear understanding of the city’s challenges around homelessness and policing, and a businesswoman’s realistic perspective[.]"

Jane Brunner

Former Oakland District 1 City Councilmember

"I am delighted to endorse Steph Dominguez Walton for Oakland City Council. She will represent North Oakland well as a progressive, and with constituent work. She is what North Oakland needs now in these trying times."

Phong La

Alameda County Assessor

"Steph Dominguez Walton is collaborative, hardworking and responsive.  These are exactly the types of skills we need in our leaders during the COVID-19 pandemic. I am proud to give Steph my #2 endorsement for Oakland City Council District 1 and know she can get the job done."

Roseann Torres

Oakland School Board Member, District 5

"I am supporting Steph for Oakland City Council because I know the critical importance of leadership that is representative of those we serve. As the only Latina School Board Trustee in Oakland when I won my first race, I experienced first hand the power of speaking up for students who look like me and are underserved, leading to a large gap in academic achievement. In this time of Covid19, all the ugly inequities in our society are being magnified, and I believe Steph can help to close these gaping holes by serving all citizens of Oakland because she truly cares and knows the importance."

Christian Patz

Mayor, City of Emeryville

"Given the current state of our communities, Oakland needs strong leadership that takes on the challenges facing us. It is an honor to endorse Steph Dominguez Walton a fellow progressive leader who understands the needs of Oakland; housing, income equality, and education. Her tenacity is what is needed on the council."

Malia Vella

Councilmember, City of Alameda and Democratic Central Committee Member

Aisha Wahab

Councilmember, City of Hayward

Delaine Eastin

Former CA Superintendent of Public Instruction and 2018 Gubernatorial Candidate

Gabriel Quinto

Councilmember, City of El Cerrito

Bob Spencer

Chair Emeritus, Oakland Education Fund, Former Oakland School Board Member & Principal, Urban Economics

"I'm endorsing Steph Dominguez Walton because I know she'll be available to her constituents, consider all sides of an issue, and work to build a Council majority that can move Oakland forward."

Ignacio de la Fuente

Former Oakland City Councilmember and Vice Mayor

Dolores Huerta

Oakland African-American Chamber PAC

East Bay Young Democrats

Planned Parenthood Advocates Mar Monte, Rank #1

East Bay Women's Political Alliance

East Bay For Everyone

YIMBY Action - East Bay

Latino Victory Fund

Latinas Lead

“We trust Steph’s commitment and vision to reimagine public safety in Oakland. As an activist, Steph has been working to improve the lives of Oaklanders for years and understands the urgent need to transform justice and policing in America.”

— Shaun King

Action PAC

Vote by November 3!

SMART Local 104

UFCW Local 5

"Steph is the action-oriented leader Oakland's District 1 needs. She's a strong supporter of UFCW, even joining our picket lines during recent contract negotiations. Steph doesn't just support organized labor, she supports the essential workers who keep Oakland running. UFCW Local 5 is proud to endorse Steph Dominguez Walton for City Council."

Laborers Union, Local 304

"Steph Walton understands that the people who work in Oakland deserve a living wage so they can afford to live in Oakland. That’s why we support Steph Walton for Oakland City Council District 1."

Northern California Regional Carpenters Council

“The skilled craftsmen of Northern California Carpenters Regional Council proudly endorse Stephanie for Oakland City Council because we know she will work hard to bring good paying union jobs to Oakland and work collaboratively to address the housing crisis."

Building and Construction Trades Council of Alameda County

IBEW Local 1245

Plumbers and Pipefitters Union Local 342

Teamsters Local 70

Sprinkler Fitters Union Local 483


Boilermakers Local 549

“Steph is the change we want to see. She's a collaborator who brings together members of the community with labor for the best possible outcome."

Operating Engineers Local 3

SEIU Local 1021, Rank #2

Vote by November 3!

Cathy Adams

President, CDA Consulting Group

"I am proud to endorse Steph Dominguez Walton for Oakland City Council District 1. Steph is actively working to help Black businesses by connecting us to financial support and asking us what is needed to bring equity and justice into our systems and institutions. As a D1 resident and businessperson, Steph is my choice."

Latino Task Force

Representing the Oakland Latino Community through advocacy and leadership

"The Latino Task Force proudly endorses Steph Dominguez Walton because she represents the new leadership needed in District 1. As a long-time Oakland resident, she understands the kinds of ideas it will take to move her district forward and address the various needs of its residents. Oakland will be best served with Steph as our new District 1 City Councilwoman."

Zarina Ahmad

Principal, Piedmont Avenue Elementary School

"Steph Walton is a person of action! She came to my school, asked about our needs, and put an action plan in place that immediately supported our school community!"

Steve Stevenson

Owner, 1-2-3-4 Go! Records

“For over 12 years I've made my life and livelihood in District 1, and like many residents I want someone representing us as present, engaged and dedicated to this district and the City of Oakland as Steph Walton. I want someone who focuses their attention on what matters here over ambition to some higher office. I've gotten to know Steph over the last several months, I've seen her put in the work, and she absolutely fits this bill. I am proud to support Steph Walton for Oakland City Council.”

moderne eye.jpg

Sue Lin, O.D., M.S., F.A.A.O.

Moderne Eye Optometry

"Steph Dominguez Walton is reaching out and listening to local businesses during this unprecedented, financially unpredictable time. This means so much to local retailers like me, especially after being shut down for two and 1/2 months during COVID-19. Mom and pop businesses are the engine of the Oakland economy. We need a city councilmember who understands our role in the economy and the vitality of District 1 neighborhoods. Steph Dominguez Walton is that leader and that’s why I endorse her."


Peter Ambler

Executive Director & Co-Founder, Giffords: Courage to End Gun Violence

"Steph Dominguez Walton is a passionate and effective community organizer who is poised to bring vitality, energy, and responsiveness to the Oakland City Council and make history as our first Latina councilmember. District 1 and the City of Oakland face grave challenges — homelessness, gun violence, and of course our response to COVID-19. Steph will show up and solve problems big and small. I’m proud to endorse her for Oakland City Council and even more excited for her to get to work."

Sean Parkin
CEO & Founder, CityHealth Urgent Care

“As we navigate through troublesome times with COVID-19 having upended our daily lives, I strongly endorse Steph Dominguez Walton for the progressive, thoughtful and compassionate leadership that she can bring to the job. She understands the value of health care for the community, not as a privilege, but a basic human right.”

James Chang

California Young Democrats LGBTQ Caucus Chair, Berkeley Rent Board Commissioner, Elizabeth Warren Delegate 2020

“I am proud to stand with East Bay Young Democrats in endorsing Steph Dominguez Walton for Oakland City Council District 1. Steph has proven to be an accessible leader who is courageous and compassionate. Her willingness to listen and her active engagement shows her dedication to investing in our young people, people of color, and the LGBTQ community.  Steph is wholly committed to a more equitable Oakland.”

Anand Patel
Owner, Piedmont Place

“From Day 1 of speaking with Steph, she has supported my business and efforts to improve it because she genuinely cares for the well-being of my family and my employees. She understands that small businesses are often the lifeblood of neighborhoods in District 1. Best of all, Steph is just a phone call away - always listens with an open mind, helps find solutions, and fights for our community. Her tireless efforts show that her strength is unmatched and her determination is unrivaled. District 1 will be better with Steph Dominguez Walton as our councilmember.”

Jennifer Viale

Owner, Bella Vita

“Steph is a breath of fresh air. She walks the walk and talks the talk. Steph shops and supports small businesses in District 1 and beyond. This is why I endorse Steph Dominguez Walton for City Council.”

Treina Alexander

Owner, YogaLove

Tobias Hampton

Owner, McNally's Irish Pub

Gabriela Jimenez

Deputy District Director to CA Assemblymember Rebecca Bauer Kahan, AD-16*

"I am proud to endorse Steph in her race for Oakland City Council. Her passion for service and dedication to our community is unmatched. I am confident Stephanie will work tirelessly to serve her constituents and continue to make positive change for all of Oakland. Join me in and so many others in supporting Steph Walton for Oakland City Council."

*for identification purposes only

Erin Armstrong

“I’m supporting Steph Walton because she listens to all the voices in the room, not just the loudest.”

Dean Wallace
District Director to CA Assemblymember Buffy Wicks, AD-15