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Housing and Homelessness

Steph believes that housing is a human right.

As Oakland City Council District 1 candidate, Steph is currently and actively building relationships and working with city, state, and federal officials to provide necessary funding to fix our regional homelessness crisis. If elected, Steph will fight for the City of Oakland to provide temporary housing for the homeless on publicly owned property, along with essential support services including food, basic hygiene, transportation, internet access, and career counseling.

Oakland is also facing a crisis of skyrocketing rents and wrongful evictions. As Oakland City Councilperson, Steph will work to eliminate unnecessary administrative hurdles to help greenlight the construction of more affordable housing projects, as well as strengthen tenant protections.

Quality Public
Education For All


Access to quality public education for ALL of Oakland’s schoolchildren, regardless of their district, is a top priority for Steph.


School closures due to the Covid-19 pandemic has painfully highlighted the massive inequities in our communities, as many children lack the vital resources that enable distance learning. Steph will focus on getting Oakland’s kids the technology and high-speed internet they need to maintain engagement with their teachers and peers, to access additional resources for learning, and to improve overall educational outcomes.


Steph also believes that Oakland schoolchildren should not experience hunger. She will continue to champion the OUSD free and reduced supper program she helped to reinstate at a local elementary school and work to expand access to nutritional services across the school district.


As Oakland City Councilperson, Steph will support a moratorium on all new charter schools until they are held to the same standards as our public schools.

"Give me a call, send me an email... I want to hear from you. Tell me what’s important to YOU."

Steph Dominguez Walton is running for Oakland City Council District 1 to address urgent and immediate issues that matter to residents of Oakland.

"Addressing affordable housing and homelessness in Oakland is a moral imperative."
Expanding Public Services


Public safety is a top priority for Steph as Oakland transforms, grows, and rebuilds:


  • Steph will advocate for funding for the Fire Department so that first responders can provide fire and emergency services to all of Oakland’s communities, including the underserved.

  • Steph will urge the Departments of Public Works and Transportation to provide more slow streets and open space to encourage walking and biking to access small businesses and restaurants.

  • Steph will work closely with Oakland’s small businesses and restaurants to help them rebuild and thrive as the economy reopens.

Reimagining the Police and Public Safety


Steph will hold the Oakland Police Department to the highest standards of accountability, while budgeting the resources they need to protect all of our communities equitably and justly.


In light of the recent demonstrations sparked by the senseless murder of George Floyd, and the subsequent police response in Oakland, Steph supports a complete ban on the use of tear gas, rubber bullets or flash bang grenades by the OPD. She believes there is no reason that our police force should be equipped with weapons of war to be used against members of our community, and that our police must be guardians, not warriors.

"Everyone deserves to live and work in a community where they feel safe."

Oakland protest photos: Annette Bernhardt, licensed by CC BY-SA 2.0

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